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David Propach
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pragĀ·matĀ·ist (noun):   A person who approachs problems sensibly and
realistically based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

Outline of My Approach:
* Determine Objectives
* Evaluate Options
* Decide Specific Plans
* Execute Efficiently
* Achieve Results
Long term success in real estate requires proper use of facts, data, and common sense. The 5 simple steps above have repeatedly proven successful for me and my clients.
In general, real estate can be very complicated. However, my in depth experience keeps us focused only on what's most important. It's surprising how simple real estate becomes when approached methodically, carefully, and efficiently; or in a perfect word, pragmatically!
I'm always available to answer any real estate question(s).  Please feel free to call me anytime!
Real estate is my passion
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