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David Propach
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Not Your Typical Real Estate Broker
Why does my logo dance? Because I bring some personality and fun to the business along with my 25+ years of unmatched experience. I simply love real estate and my enthusiasm is downright infectious!
No one else has hysterical real estate stories triggered by these phrases: "smoking eyebrows", "sunbathing cockroach", "radiation garage", "gold toothed arborist", and "runaway floor sander". They're all true and sure to make you laugh until it hurts. Anyone who thinks real estate can't be fun never met me!
Yes, that's me driving the race cars in those videos. TALK ABOUT FUN! The second video, "... that's not good.", documents my funniest (and very lucky!) racing story. You can visit my YouTube channel with more racing videos by clicking this paragraph.
My racing "Wall of Pain" contains various broken parts from track day ending mechanical failures, each one with its own funny story to tell. It even made the San Jose Mercury News. Click this paragraph to see!
Many lessons I've learned racing cars also apply to real estate investing! Whether buying or selling, success requires knowledge, preparation, and practice, practice, practice! It's called "seat time" in racing, of which I have 25+ years in real estate investing!
I actually serve my clients without pestering them. By delivering timely, focused, relevant information combined with diligent follow through I help my clients achieve their desired results. In a nutshell, that's how I make real estate simple.
I'm always available to answer any real estate question(s).  Please feel free to call me anytime!
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