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David Propach
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Expertise:  Remodeling, Expanding, Improving
My remodeling "career" started with the first property my wife and I ever purchased; a dilapidated 70+ year old house with four old rental cottages. For 4+ years we both spent nights and weekends rehabilitating the entire property ourselves by replacing, restoring and/or upgrading essentially every surface - top to bottom, inside and out.
We did everything from paint (interior & exterior) and wall paper, to demolition and construction (e.g., walls, floors, decks, fencing), replacing roofs, refinishing hardwood floors, laying linoleum and carpet, tiling entire designer bathrooms, replacing cabinetry, upgrading electrical & plumbing fixtures,   major   yard   cleanup   and   relandscaping,   and  much  more.
Performing all of this very difficult work ourselves was definitely the best way to learn what it takes to improve property.
We've remodeled every residential property we've purchased since, whether our own homes or rentals - a total of 70,000SF! I have completely designed, planned, managed, and successfully executed very large $1,300,000+ home rebuilds/additions as well as complete apartment complex rehabilitations. My 30 years of remodeling/construction experience allows me to quickly generate realistic cost and schedule estimates for most improvement ideas.
Because I've personally experienced how quickly sweat equity can grow a portfolio (several times), I always look for every property's full potential. Often, I find significant value overlooked by others. In this way, my remodeling expertise increases the numbers of suitable properties for buyers to consider. It also maximumizes sale prices by preparing properties for sale with maximum buyer (and price) impact for minimum cost.
I'm always available to help you find your best move!  Please feel free to call me anytime!
Real estate is my passion
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