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Clearly, I'm not your typical real estate broker... I have way too much personality for that! Why else would I put dancing dots on my website? Please don't click the dots again!
The fact is, I love real estate and my enthusiasm is downright infectious!
I also have countless hysterically funny stories about my adventures in real estate (and life in general)! Mention any of these phrases to trigger one: "smoking eyebrows", "runaway floor sander", "hammering the last nail" (ouch), "sunbathing cockroach", "radiation garage", "Chocolate!", "gold toothed arborist". They're all true and sure to make you laugh until it hurts. Anyone who thinks real estate isn't fun never met me!
I also race cars (that's me driving in those videos). Now that is FUN! One of my racecars is a street legal Cobra 427 replica with 600+ horsepower, quite possibly making me the fastest broker in town! I enjoy giving clients rides around town or at full speed on the racetrack... just ask!
Fortunately, racing generates even more funny stories as evidenced by the third video. Unfortunately, the video camera(s) in my cars have turned me into an amateur movie producer too! You can find more of my racing videos on my YouTube channel. My "Wall of Pain" has various broken parts from ill-fated track days, each with its own funny story to tell. It's quite remarkable what can break when pushed to their physical limits!
Many lessons I've learned racing cars also apply to real estate investing! Whether buying or selling, success requires knowledge, preparation, and practice, practice, practice! It's called "seat time" in racing, of which I have 25 years in real estate investing!
Having done software engineering for 30+ years, I am meticulous with details. In fact, to create something simple I have coded this entire website myself. Sorry if it doesn't have the typical real estate website zooming pictures of fantasy properties and incessant requests to "register" resulting in endless spam emails with computer generated "personal" messages. That's all too phony for me and just NOT how I work!
I serve my clients without pestering them. Focused, relevant information is what I provide. This combined with diligence and follow through helps my clients obtain desired results and achieve their real estate goals.
In a nutshell, that's how I make real estate simple.
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